About Us

About Us

My Aplica is a Global Job Search Platform that connects Talented Professionals all over the world with Top Employers. The platform is designed to facilitate the Job Search Process for Candidates seeking better opportunities and simultaneously aims to deliver guaranteed results to Recruiters and Employers.

My Aplica is the brainchild of Mushawar UK Ltd, a full-service HR Consulting Agency having its office in United Kingdom with a strong out-reach in the United Kingdom, Europe,  Middle East, Asia, and United States. Mushawar UK Ltd has an experienced management and consulting team with a decade of Global experience in HR Policy and Process Consulting, Training, Career Development Services and Head Hunting, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Placements. The exposure of working with multple industries and markets and offering them recruitment services has enabled Mushawar UK Ltd to have a strong worldwide network of Job Seekers and Employers.

Why Should you Use MyAplica?

MyAplica aims to become the largest Technology, Marketing and C-Level Management Talent Acuqisition Platform across MiddleEast, Europe and the Sub-continent. Head Hunting, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Placements are Mushawar UK’s strong forte. This is why we have a strong network of Job Seekers and Employers available to our team at all times. Working with the team, our employers find it easy to find and place candidates anywhere in the world. Our unique positioning helps the employers select from a global pool of candidates in exceptional turnaround times.

Why your application on MyAplica doesn’t go waste?

Your application on MyAplica never goes to waste because it is managed and run by Mushawar UK Ltd who have 100+ clients Globally from United Kingdom, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With its global reach from Asia Pacific to Americas thousands of candidates have been placed locally and in international market. When you apply through MyAplica you can be sure that your job application is considered individually and the candidate is helped in every which way to find not just a job but the career of his dreams.

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